The Journey to My Love of Running...and the joys of motherhood, marriage, and nursing!

Friday, April 2, 2010

My First Blog

My good friend Carrie has a wonderful blog about her family and I am an active follower! But, I wanted to do something for me... something to track my running progress. I have tried to write in a couple of running journals...tried to track my runs on my ipod... and I can't seem to stick with anything. So, I am going to give this a try.

To begin this journey I should begin with how I started running in the first place. Last year, my good friend Carrie had this crazy idea that we should do a Half Marathon (just so that we could say that we did it!). We both signed up for the Surf City Half Marathon in June of 2009 before we could even realize what we had signed up for. Time went by and we both told one another that we were going to start running. At first, the summer was too hot... when it got cooler we would start... then it was too cold... and before we knew it the race was around the corner.

My coworker gave me a book on training and running your first Half Marathon, my husband subscribed to Runner's World, we went and got fitted for running shoes... I didn't really have an excuse not to get going...

I started running on my treadmill at home after I put the kids to bed. At first I started running a mile, but after a week or so that one mile ended up only being 10-15 minutes on the treadmill. I learned to focus on the time and not the miles I was banking. Soon, I was up to 3 miles in 1/2 hour.

4 weeks later and 10 lbs lighter, it was time for the Surf City Half Marathon! I was so nervous!!! We survived the race and had a GREAT time! After coming home and letting the soreness wear off for a couple of days I immediately signed up for the Disneyland Half Marathon before I could think about what I was doing! I wanted to keep motivated.

It has now been about 2 months since my first Half Marathon and I have to say that I am loving running! Inside on the treadmill... outside on the bike path... pushing the kids in the jogging stroller... or taking the dog on a run... I have learned to enjoy this time. The time that I am running is time for ME... it is time for me to reflect on my day... to pray... to hope for the future... this time for myself gives me the opportunity to do so much and I can't wait for the next run!

My hubby has signed me up for the OC Half Marathon in May and I think it's because he realizes how much I enjoy running and how great it is for my physicial and spiritual being. It's great to have good friends and family that are supportive of something that I have learned to love.


  1. Love it! You mske me want to work harder at running! Im so glad I helped get you into something you loved!

  2. You are one of my biggest supporters Carrie! I couldn't have done this without you! I am so grateful to have your friendship, because I know that we will continue to push one another throughout the years!!!