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Friday, April 2, 2010

Countdown to OC Half Marathon- 30 days

Today was the first day that I got out running in about a week and a half. I have just been in a funk and I have lost my motivation for any sort of exercise. That ended today when I got an email from the OC Half Marathon indicating that I was registered! My hubby registered me for the May 2nd race!

While I was excited about participating the realization that this race is in exactly one month also set it! I jetted home after work, changed my clothes, put on my running shoes and told my family that I would be back after my run!

I suddenly had motivation! Surprised and wondering to myself where this sudden burst of motivation came from, I headed out on the bike path determined to run at least 4 miles. I made it halfway to the 2 mile marker in 15 minutes! What an accomplishment for being so lazy the last couple of weeks.

My true gift was after turning around and heading back about 1/2 mile I ran into my friends and their babies! It was such a nice surprise to see them. My run ended there today, but I walked another 1/2 mile back with my friends and enjoyed some much needed "mommy talk!"

We will see how the next 29 days end up!

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